Chicago Photography - Michael Bennett Photography - Chicago Sunrise and Architecture Photography

In these galleries you will find sunrise, sunset and general city shots taken north of Chicago, Illinois as well as from Downtown Chicago. From shots of time lapse streaked cars taken over the 294 tollway and Downtown Chicago Architecture to fall seasonal and winter landscapes.

I like to stack things. Some of the cairns I have made are from  stones, ice and even snow. Usually I will stack cairns  for a sunrise, but there are a couple shots taken as the sun has set. 

When shooting the city as well as sunsets and sunrises I shoot with my Nikon D7000 DSLR and usually in HDR, High Dynamic Range. That allows for photographs to increase their range of exposure and create my dynamic final images. 

Shooting Chicago sunrises and sunsets are fantastic. They allow me to really see how the city can change with different light. I hope you enjoy the galleries that will have ever changing subject matter but again the main focus points are sunrise, sunset and downtown Chicago. 

Another place that has some of my photographs is my Michael Bennett Artist Website. This website has a more extensive selection of framed artwork and can allow for a better framed product with a higher degree of customization. 

If you are looking for an image from either site to purchase in a way that you can't get please let me know. Reach out to me on any social platform and I will respond asap. 

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